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Breath Reports by Tim Bakker

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Breath report 2! Last weekend I had my second breathing session from Bodydoor. This time it was, in contrast to the group session I told you about earlier, an individual one. And yes(!), it gave birth to whole new sensations in my body I had never felt.

Apart from the feelings of intense pain, anger and grief that arose during the session, in the end relaxation a very terrifying/unsafe feeling came through me twice. In the form of a wave that was too high to catch with a surfboard and would most likely kill me. Funny enough, after Dorien guided me through this, I could hear the sound of the ocean very distinctly wich subsided after a while. This was so unreal and even funnier considering I was lying in an apartment on the fourth floor in Amsterdam.

And I sure as hell don't want to leave out this physical reaction: This time I experienced a natural high! Suddenly a locker with very cool hinges and locks, the plant in the corner catching sunlight through the window and the sofa rug were insanely beautiful. So much gratitude and love went through me...also almost immediately my ego started to interfere with this fascinating feeling and made me think how I would get home without looking this weird and wooly. Luckily Dorien gave me enough time to feel it out and slipped me some pure chocolate. Part of the no-nonsense approach she has;)

I also got a better sense of how my body works and what it needs to process long stored proverbial shit..for example whenever anger emerged I felt a lump in my throat that could be cleared by screaming in a pillow to let go of it. Whenever grief emerged through tears, I could relax in it and breath it away.

The effect of breathwork is tangible in daily life as well. The first session I gained a more steady feeling of strength within my core, wich clearly gave me more focus, less easy to lose myself in the rat race and when I do I could go return to this peaceful part inside more easily. Resulting in radiating more peace outside of me I am able to connect with my daughter more easily. Just because I am more connected with myself. The same goes for afraid of losing connection with another it actually means fear of losing connection with myself. So (happy sigh), the benefits of using the breath seem endless. #breathwork