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events & retreats

events & retreats

Cacao & Breath


Now in Rishikesh together!

We (Soraya and Dorien) will be organising two Cacao & Breath Ceremonies and a four day Breath Intensive in Rishikesh that you can join.

𝑪𝒂𝒄𝒂𝒐 & 𝑩𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉 𝑪𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒊𝒆𝒔:
Sunday 22nd of March / 12h30 - 15h30
Sunday 29th of March / 12h30 - 15h30

4-𝒅𝒂𝒚 𝑩𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉 𝑰𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒔𝒊𝒗𝒆:
2nd - 5th of April

These two Sundays of our Cacao & Breath Ceremony we will gather in a beautiful and sacred space where we’ll drink and honour the Spirit of Mother Cacao with home made Cacao brew where we used cacao beans from South India! After we drink our Cacao and set intentions we will go into a deep breath session.

An afternoon of setting intentions, opening our hearts and bodies, coming together in circle, deeply releasing what is ready to let go off and sharing stories.

IMPORTANT: We have limited space of 20 people available for both the circles on 22-3 & 29-3. Make sure you sign up with us beforehand. You can find our contacts further in the text.

The breath will amplify the cacao and the other way around. Meaning that together with the powerful breath session following the cacao circle we will go even deeper in our bodies and open blockages on emotional and spiritual level.

Soraya Steen

I never experienced a transformational breath session before, so I didn’t know what was going to happen exactly. Dorien guided me beautifully through our session. I felt safe, I felt helt, I felt supported in feeling everything that came up and I felt guided in releasing all that my body wished to release there and then. I wish to continue to take sessions at Dorien, and release more and go deeper. She feels safe and emits so much love.

Tessel Nederbragt

A breath session with Dorien is always a full journey. With only little words she is able to understand what my body and my spirit need. When I am in Dorien’s hands I feel so safe that my body already opens before we even start to work. Every time we breathe she lovingly pushes me over again another boundary. Anger, sadness, fear or total madness, we have gone through quite some extremes and we always end up in total bliss. Dorien is capable of bringing breath, light and love to things that are hiding sometimes for a hundred years. Dorien has helped me to surrender and made me flourish in ways that I cannot put into words. She is an incredible woman and I would highly recommend her and her breathwork to anyone.

Marjolijn de Man (NL)

//Moon Rise Sisters - Women's Circles


Wat een powervrouwen en wat en een dreamteam zijn Soraya en Dorien. Hun vrouwen cirkels zijn de meest magische en mystieke cirkels die ik heb mee gemaakt. Met een fijne afwisseling van bezinning, sharing, beweging en Breathwork creeëren zij een avond vol diepgang en sisterhood. Onder begeleiding van hun bewuste liefdevolle aanwezigheid en prachtige ziels-rakende muziek, nodigen ze je in een veilige ruimte uit voor een reis naar binnen in verbinding met het vrouwelijk collectief. Elke cirkel weer ga ik ontspannen, vervult en empowered naar huis. En ik verheug me op de volgende!

Arturas Kesleris

I attended one of Dorien's breathing group sessions in Amsterdam by sheer chance, having some extra time prior to my flight to London. This has lead to a beautiful and heart-opening experience, beyond what I would have expected. Surrounded by a group of brave women deeply experiencing their emotional layers - I have come to some of my own realizations and experiences. In the safe space created by Dorien, I was able to reconnect to my own buried feelings and release some heaviness I've been carrying around for a long time. This has served as a powerful transformative experience for me, leading to a deeper understanding of myself and others. Thank you for the work you are doing!

Daan Gorter

We invited Dorien to come do work at our biweekly men’s circle. It was deep, transformational and a lot of fun. We were able to get the most out of the session because of Dorien’s ability to apply soft touch and also to give us the extra push where needed, to sink deeper into ourselves and our bodies. She does beautiful work, professional and with care. I would highly recommend her, for breathwork and guidance of healing sessions. Recently she came to guide both my parents through a breath session.

Carola van Hulten (NL)

// Ecstatic Breath Retreat Ibiza


Wat ik meeneem (en zittend op de rots de woorden niet voor kon vinden) is meer bewustzijn op momenten dat ik in een angst kan schieten en door dit helderdere bewustzijn en wat tools - een andere keuze te maken hoe er mee om te gaan. Het durven voelen en daar OK mee te zijn. Fijn om zo bewust 2018 af te sluiten, dingen achter me te laten en vol vertrouwen en inspiratie het nieuwe jaar in te gaan. Ik heb genoten van jullie echtheid, nuchterheid, humor en liefdevolle aanwezigheid.


I have had a number of sessions with Dorien and I am impressed and comforted by her natural way of guiding me through the more difficult parts of trauma recovery. Her sessions are very valuable to me in dealing with a hard subject. Very much recommend, including for those having difficulty "getting out of their heads".

Myra Driessen (NL)

Directe adem sessie 1op1 of in specifieke aandacht in een groep, Dorien is zo ‘dedicated’ en ‘experienced’ ze voelt en ziet precies waar je zit, wat je nodig hebt, hoe je verder kan, waar je liever of juist harder voor jezelf mag zijn. Ze weet precies waar ze even een extra ‘touch’ kan geven om jezelf nog eerlijker te ‘triggeren’. Adem en flop, en adem en flop, dat ademen dat kan ik nu na meerdere sessies ook zelf gefocused in een echt moment met mezelf. Maar met Dorien ga ik verder, dieper. Ik voel me veilig, gezien en ondersteund. Mijn focus laat zelfs het laatste beetje controle los, ja en dan ga ik echt. DANK DORIEN, je bent voor mij een belangrijke aanwinst in het spectrum van healers! Female strong, no bullshit, sincere, in depth.

Tarik Speelman

The breathwork sessions with BODYDOOR, whether group sessions or privates, have been liberating experiences!

Without shame and welcoming everyone and everything, she’ll take her time for every one of us to share our stories. To figure out where we’re at, and where we’re going for this shared moment together.

I feel heard.


And I can learn from other people’s stories… to witness I am not alone in whatever I experience; there are always other participants with the same struggles, doubts and fears.


Her group sessions make me connect to people quickly! A surprise, knowing that my default and traumatized setting is to disconnect first. To isolate myself in order to protect myself and to hopefully keep me safe… eventhough as an adult, the effects are opposite to this. In BODYDOORs group sessions and privates, I feel I can open up; I am safe here with myself. I am allowed to open my heart and throat to share.


I will be safe here.


And if I doubt, or if my inner childs are starting to scream, BODYDOOR is quick to acknowledge this. With her loving and caring voice – the voice of nourishment – she puts my inner childs at ease. Like little children they seek shelter under the warm blanket of her voice and presence.


She guides us through the sessions, takes us by the hand when we need it, and lets us be when we can be. The fact I can sense she is with us, her being making contact with me, is all I needed to open up and explore my feelings.


It is painful at times, it is scary at times, it is heavy at times… but it is equally liberating, freeing and opening.


I have learned to breathe. I have learned to express. I have learned to let go. I have learned to relax. To be with my pain, with my trauma, with my emotions and feelings… I can practice to accept all of it, and be with it as a calm, loving and playful observer. Sometimes I fight it, but I always remember I can be at peace with it too.


It is all okay.


I am light.

Joyce van Dun (NL)

// Ecstatic Breath Retreat Ibiza

Ik ben gisteren thuis gekomen van een bijzonder retreat bij Tom en Dorien. Wauw echt een life changing week. Een pittige week met alles doorvoelen wat er is en ermee ademen. Wat een ruimte en kracht voel ik nu. Ik voel me meer dan ooit verbonden met mijn hart en voel de kracht om dat alleen nog te koesteren en in liefde met mezelf te zijn.