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Your body is the door to freedom. Breathwork is a powerful and simple way to open this door. In a breath session you make a deep connection with your body, which allows you to find more physical and mental space than you could ever imagine. Breathwork has a lasting effect and will give you a new feeling of being at home with yourself.


how it works

The way you breathe determines the way you feel. Our bodies, our feelings and our thoughts are closely related and all influence each other. Most people only use about 30% of their breathing capacity. Oxygen provides us with vital energy and a lack of it can cause fatigue, stress and depression. By circulating oxygen around your body, energy starts to flow and unnecessary luggage can be released. Your body and your mind expand and relax, allowing new space for joy and clarity. Breathwork is a powerful tool and a simple way to feel great.


  • Increases overall well-being 

  • Releases stress

  • Reduces chronic pain 

  • Releases trauma

  • Heightens body consciousness

  • Strengthens self-love 

I went through a very simple but highly effective session with Dorien. Her touch is beautiful.

Ridhima Malhotra 




meet Dorien


If you don't do your dance,

who will? 

Gabriella Roth

For as long as I can remember I had this sense of wanting to know what it means to be truly alive. When I stumbled upon breathwork I knew I had found something special. Breathwork gave me a new perspective on life and made me understand myself on a profound level. Through expanding my breath and my body I could take up the space to realise my dreams. Besides, I found my tool to do what I am here for: to guide others towards their full potential and just... to feel amazing.